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A few points about Node Summit 2018

Node Summit is a NodeJS* focused conference that takes place in San Francisco every year where NodeJS experts from around the world gather together in the same place for a week. 

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ICML 2018: a machine learning conference that’s reinforcing itself

Reinforcement learning is on the rise as is industry involvement in machine learning research more generally. Whilst deep learning has taken us further, more structured models may be needed to achieve what we need in terms of interpretability, accountability, efficiency and robustness. 

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It’s our 1st birthday!

It’s already one year since NAVER LABS Europe was born. This article covers some of our highlights which combine not just lots of machine learning but a lot of learning about NAVER, NAVER LABS, Korean culture and even quite a bit of learning about ourselves as we determined where we want to be and how we’re going to get there.

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