Big, open, private, clean, dirty - you name it data is everywhere and much has been written about its explosive growth in today’s world. Every two days, we create as much new information as we did from the dawn of civilization through 2003. Data analytics has clearly moved from the backroom to the forefront of many

industries as it can provide a key competitive advantage.

The problem is that this valuable data is rarely in the right format to be consumed easily and most often resides in silos not easily accessible. To allow companies to get the most out of this resource, the data needs to be in a format that offers the greatest flexibility allowing different organizations (with different needs and perspectives) the ability to visualize, understand and use it for competitive analysis.

This session presents Xerox data analytics research and expertise and how it is being applied in order to provide better real-time information, understand complex relationships within data and predict future outcomes based on past data. The insights it uncovers is used to inform large-scale decisions or make fine–grained adjustments to improve the business performance of private and public services and influence people to reduce their environmental impact whether it be on the road or in the office.