Using paper and electronic interfaces to provide ubiquitous information access and build links between cultures. 

The project aims at supporting the dynamical exchange of information and experiences between the Community of People living in Historical Cities of Arts and Culture, their local cultural resources, and foreign visitors. The overall goal is to enable people to interact and cooperate in building a new, richer sense of community based on exchange of knowledge sedimented over the cultural resources.

The two local communities considered in the project, one area of the city of Venezia and the city of Chania in Greece (Crete), have the characteristic to own and maintain a very solid culture and memory linked to their physical territory, while sharing it with people of different cultures coming from all over the world.

To achieve this:

  • The project defines and implements an interaction medium supporting the information flow among the communities of cultural managers, visitors and local residents.
  • The project is based on innovative interaction technologies such as ubiquitous computing technologies (large screens to support information access in oublic spaces, multi-function devices for printing, scanning and copying), paper based interfaces (intelligent bar-codes, glyphs), multimedia knowledge-bases, information filtering technologies, multi-lingual comprehension aids.
  • It will be developed with a humanistic, integrated design-oriented approach that will combine the social observation of the test beds with the generation of new interaction concepts and scenarios.

Project contributors

  • Antonietta Grasso,
  • Alain Karsenty,
  • Dave Snowdon.

For further contact about the project, please contact Antonietta Grasso