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Future of Work video

What will the workplace of the future look like? Will it even exist as a physical space? Ever since networked computers first became widespread the idea of he virtual organization has been touted, yet most of us still work in conventional workplaces. Discover the answer through the eyes of an ethnographer who spends their time...studying people in workplaces.

The Next Frontier in a Volatile Digital World video

The most visible aspect of today's digital world is the explosion of content and data. Yet as long as this information remains siloed and inconsisent there is only so much one can do with it. To overcome this schism, we need systems that make it possible for people to interact and collectively elaborate knowledge that goes beyond each of their particular realms to realize unprecedented discoveries.

How Social Mass Communication Will Change Our Society video

The advent of social media has allowed everyone to broadcast their opinion, but this rarely leads to the kind of common, shared understanding provided by traditional mass media. Advances in language technology that automatically summarize large sets of opinions will enable this shared understanding of the public. The result will change the way people communicate, and with it the nature of society.

Self Driving Cars: Eve of Technological Revolutions video

The introduction of "self driving" cars will dramatically reshape not only the landscape of the automotive industry, but also the role vehicles play in our lives and the future design of our roads and cities.

Discover Xerox Research Centre Europe video

Discover what it's like to work for Xerox Research Centre Europe where scientific vision meets business reality to create technology that has impact.

Unexpected innovation from Xerox Research Centre Europe video


Transforming Customer Care with Innovation video

Here, Dr Monica Beltrametti, head of Xerox Research Centre Europe, talks about how Xerox research is helping clients to better understand and better serve their customers for more effective, relevant and personal customer care.

Customer Sentiment Mining video

Automated sentiment analysis often gives only a rough idea as to what customers are actually saying. Researchers at the Xerox Research Centre Europe have changed this with advanced natural language processing so our clients can listen much more accurately.

Personality Profiling video

What if every customer care interaction was personalised to the individual? Researchers at the Xerox Research Centre Europe use innovation to analyze the style of language customers use to understand their personality and proficiency and engage in a way that best suits them.

Automating Natural Dialogue video

Online self-help is convenient both for customers and businesses. But if the system doesn't understand the question, how can it be helpful? The researchers at Xerox Research Centre Europe are using innovation to help computers understand what’s being  said in context and give helpful answers to customers' questions. 

Machines That Can Listen and Learn video

Can you really teach a machine to learn like a human? The researchers in Xerox Research Centre Europe use innovation in machine learning to help clients make the customer care experience efficient, consistent, relevant and personal.

L'Intelligence Artificielle Améliore le Service Client avec Guillaume Bouchard video

Peut-on vraiment enseigner à une machine à apprendre comme un être humain ? Les chercheurs du Xerox Research Centre Europe utilisent l'apprentissage automatiqueme pour aider les clients à rendre leur relation clients plus efficace, appropriée, cohérente et personnalisée. 

What Will the Future of Transportation Look Like? video

As more of the world's population live in urban areas, public services need to develop to take care of increased demand that makes better use of resources and provides a better service. Dr Monica Beltrametti, head of Xerox Research Centre Europe, talks about how Xerox researchers are using innovation to help our clients make transportation smarter, seamless and safer.

An easy road to painless parking video

After leaving Cambridge University with a BA in Physics and Theoretical Physics and a PhD Information Engineering, Chris joined Xerox research in the late 90's to pursue leading edge research in imaging. He developed one of the first mobile camera imaging applications for documents as well as a model for categorizing images, which has subsequently been of major importance in computer vision research and has found applications as diverse as automatic image enhancement, document recognition, advertising and security. Chris is currently pursuing his passion for coupling machine learning with stochastic optimization and game theoretic methods to make public and personal transportation a better experience.

Xerox Innovation. Meaningful Data Management video

Join research fellow Christopher Dance as he explains innovative ways the Xerox Research Centre in Grenoble France is changing the way we look at public transportation. Xerox innovation takes regular data and turns it into meaningful data 

Dynamic Pricing Makes Parking Simple video

A description of current methods in demand management to vary parking rates and the research and innovation behind the Xerox MERGE pricing engine that can predict the impact of price changes and other events that will affect urban parking. 

How to Make Parking Smarter video

What if parking in the city was easier? The researchers at Xerox Research Centre Europe help cities collect and analyze data on the use of on-street parking spaces, to make parking smarter by changing prices based on demand and providing citizens with apps that take the pain out of parking.

Covoiturage : détection automatique du nombre de passagers video

Une solution technologique pour promouvoir le covoiturage qui utilise les caméras infrarouges pour compter le nombre de personnes dans les voitures. La solution est expliquée et démontrée dans une pilote qui a eu lieu en France au mois de juin 2015 en collaboration avec le DREAL et le CEREMA.

Automated Vehicle Passenger Detection System – European pilot  video

The Xerox Vehicle Passenger Detection system (VPDS) using infrared cameras was piloted at a busy French/Swiss commuter border (Jougne/Vallorbe) in 2015. This pilot enabled the transportation partners to understand how an automated system for counting vehicle occupants could support the introduction of HOV lanes. The Xerox system delivered highly accurate results, boosting confidence in the practical application of this type of system for all of Europe.

Seamless Multimodal Travel video

Real time, personalised multimodal travel info and booking all rolled into one easy app. The Mobility Companion developed by Xerox Research Centre Europe makes it easy to be on the move and personalises the offer of travel choices to fit your schedule, your budget and how you prefer to get around. 

Transport Public Intelligent avec Frédéric Roulland video

Les authorités de transport cherchent à comprendre les besoins des citoyens afin de leur apporter une bonne qualité de services. Les chercheurs du Xerox Research Centre Europe analysent les données collectées lors de la validation des tickets pour faire les ajustements sur le réseau en fonction des besoins, anticiper les impacts et rendre les transports publics plus attractifs. 

Smart Public Transportation with Frédéric Roulland video

Transportation authorities need to understand citizens' needs to deliver a good service. Researchers at the Xerox Research Centre Europe use innovation to analyze ticketing data to make adjustments to the network that better match needs, anticipate the impact of change and make public transport the preferred choice of travel.

Seamless Mobile Payment with Nicolas Guérin video

Mobile payment systems are designed to streamline public transport journeys, making travel easier and more  pleasant. The experts at Xerox Research Centre Europe show how mobile payment apps and solutions can be easy to install and safe and simple to use for all kinds of travel.

‘Seamless’ Paiement Mobile avec Nicolas Guérin video

Les systèmes de paiement mobile permettent de rationaliser les trajets en transport public, tout en les rendant plus faciles et plus agréables pour les voyageurs. Les experts du Centre de Recherche Européen de Xerox démontrent comment les solutions de paiement mobile peuvent être à la fois simples à mettre en œuvre et faciles à utiliser pour tout type de voyage.

How game engines help to understand the real world video

To teach a computer to see you need to feed it data. Experts in computer vision and artificial intelligence at the Xerox Research Centre Europe are combining deep learning with video game engines to create virtual worlds so that they can track objects and help humans increase their capabilities and attention in ytansportation healthcare and other worlds.