The mission of NAVER LABS Europe is to advance the state-of-the-art in Ambient Intelligence including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, 3D mapping, augmented reality and robotics while paving the way for these innovations into NAVER products and services.

The edge computing group focuses on bringing ambient intelligence to the edge to improve the user experience while respecting their privacy. Devices such as mobile phone or SoC platforms are more and more powerful which allow the processing of data close to where they’re generated.

The goal of this internship is to port an AI bot that plays Go (like Elf OpenGo) on a mobile phone.

In this internship, you will focus on some of the following tasks in collaboration with other team members:

  • Select and port the relevant AI algorithm on a mobile device
  • Port and evaluate performances from high-end to low-end devices
  • Optimisation using GPU and/or NPU code

Requirements and competencies expected:

  • Master's student in Computer Science.
  • Development skills: Python, with some experience of mobile platforms (iOS or Android).
  • Knowledge in computer vision and machine learning techniques is a plus
  • Knowledge of the Go game is a plus
  • Highly motivated.

During her/his internship the candidate will acquire significant knowledge in advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques while working closely with researchers and engineers. Additionally, the candidate will become knowledgeable of Agile developments methodologies (eg: SCRUM, Continuous Integration)

Start Date

Q1 2019


4-6 months

Application instructions

To apply to this internship, please send your CV and cover letter to and