An increasing amount and value of information about products and places is stored in collections of user reviews. This information is messy, often contradictory or redundant but taken together hides troves of insights that users without time to read them all are interested in.

In this internship you will explore recent summarization techniques and apply them to the problem of creating a unified review which reflects that wisdom of the crowd.

At Naver Labs Europe you will interact with researchers working in the latest developments of machine learning and natural language processing, apply them to our data using our GPU cluster. We regularly publish in top conferences, release data-set and otherwise interact with our academic collaborators.


● PhD or Master (research-oriented) level
● Knowledge of deep learning as applied to NLP
● Good coding skills, including at least one the major deep learning toolkits (preferably pytorch)


5-6 months

Application instructions

To apply, please send a mail with CV and cover letter to