The Xerox Research Centre Europe (XRCE) has a strong expertise in Image Understanding, applied with success in domains such as parking automation or traffic rules enforcement. Automating such image analysis is obtained by the use of machine learning algorithms, with the need of labelled images to construct the necessary models.

The internship proposal aims at linking our unique Computer Vision technologies with augmented reality. The typical scenario is to start an animation when detecting an object or a product. The animation can describe of how to use the object, how to fix a problem or simply adding extra information.

In this internship, the intern will focus on some of the following tasks in collaboration with the other team members:

  • Evaluate start of the art augmented reality system.
  • Combine Xerox visual categorization system with one augmented reality system
  • Design and implement a mobile application demonstrating augmented reality linked to the visual categorization

The intern will be part of a team of developers and researchers. XRCE projects are managed with an agile methodology which allow interns to follow all the steps of software development, including research, design, implementation, test and integration.

Candidates will be:

  • Students in Computer Sciences Engineering\Bsc\Masters
  • Strong knowledge AND practice of Object Oriented Programming: C++ and Java in particular
  • Knowledge in computer vision and machine learning techniques
  • Knowledge in Agile methodologies and Test Driven Development is a plus

During her/his internship the candidate will acquire a significant knowledge in advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques while working closely with researchers and engineers. Additionally, the candidate will become knowledgeable of Agile methodologies (eg: SCRUM, Continuous Integration)

Start Date:
4-6 months
Apply instructions:

To submit an application, please send your CV and cover letter to both  and Please specify "Internship: Linking Visual Categorization with virtual reality" in your subject line.