Florent Perronnin tutorial on 'Explicit Embeddings for Large-Scale Visual Recognition', October 7th. This ECCV 2012 tutorial is jointly organized with Jianxin Wu (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), Andrea Vedaldi (University of Oxford, UK) and Subhransu Maji (TTI Chicago, USA).

Thomas Mensink presenting "Metric learning for large-scale image classification: generalizing to new classes at near-zero cost" in main conference. T. Mensink, J. Verbeek, F. Perronnin and G. Csurka.

José Rodriguez presenting “Data-driven vehicle identification by image matching” in workshop “Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology”. J. Rodriguez, H. Sandhawalia, R. Bala, F. Perronnin, C. Saunders.

Diane Larlus presenting “Semantic Image Segmentation Using Visible and Near-Infrared Channels” in workshop on “Color and Photometry in Computer Vision”. N. Salamati, D. Larlus, G. Csurka and S. Susstrunk.