The Xerox Research Centre Europe is a Supporting Organization of DSTC6 and Julien Perez is on the Organizing Committee.

Starting as an initiative to provide a common testbed for the task of Dialog State Tracking, the first Dialog State Tracking Challenge (DSTC) was organized in 2013 and has since evolved in several ways. First, from human-computer interactions, the challenges started to investigate human-human interactions. Then, the event started to offer pilot tasks on Spoken Language Understanding, Speech Act Prediction, Natural Language Generation and End-to-end System Evaluation which increased the reach of the challenge into the research community of dialog systems and AI.

Important Dates:

* May 22 2017: Registration opens
* Jun 1 2017: Training Data Release
* Aug 28 2017: Registration closes
* Sep 18 2017: Test Data Release
* Sep 25 2017: Entry submission deadline
* Oct 20 2017: Paper submission deadline