Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Center for Informatics, Dagstuhl, Germany
10 - 13 May 2015

Xavier Carreras will  participate in the seminar: Schloss Dagstuhl is the world's premier venue for informatics. World-class scientists, promising young researchers, and practioners come together to exchange their knowledge and to discuss their research findings. One of the key instruments for promoting research are the Dagstuhl Seminars which bring together internationally renowned leading scientists for the purpose of exploring a cutting-edge informatics topic.Participation in a seminar is by personal invitation only.

Cross-Lingual Cross-Media Content Linking: Annotations and Joint Representations: Considerable progress has been made in different research areas like natural language processing or computer vision, cross-lingual or cross-media content retrieval has remained an unsolved research issue. This results from the difficulty to define and link to a joint space from such heterogeneous data representation. This seminar is intended to discuss recent progress in under-connected research areas, all of which tackle the problem of diversity of content, like multiple language, multiple modalities or social vs. mainstream media. The focus will be on finding general representation and computing approaches which can be adapted to bridge any dimension instead of finding the isolated solution for every source of content variation.