14-16 March, 2016

Keynote: Innovating with Strategic Accounts: from technology showrooms to dreaming sessions and co-innovation, the Xerox experience.

Patrick Mazeau, Director, Business Relations and Marketing, Xerox Research Centre Europe

Xerox has a long tradition of innovation. The company was first established thanks to the invention of xerographic technology which became a global success. Xerox understood from the start that innovating around technology was not sufficient; feedback showed that innovation also had to come from business models and customers. The early 70s saw the creation of Xerox PARC in the heart of the silicon valley, giving birth to many of the technologies we currently use in our daily office lives. As Xerox was engaging with larger corporations and becoming global, creating a strategic account organization became a necessity. Because of the nature of the strategic relationship established with these customers, it became obvious to involve them in the research and technology activities. But co-creating customer value by leveraging research and technology was not a straightforward journey. Patrick Mazeau will share what Xerox has learned over the past years and will discuss best practices: from showrooms to Customer Experience centres, to demonstrations to Dreaming Sessions, and product tests to co-innovation. This experience is based on +20 years of practice involving Xerox’s four global research centres and customers all over the globe.

SAMA is the Strategic Account Management Association. 14-16 March. #SAMAPEC16.