SFIMAR 8th and 9th April  in Grenoble, France.

Cecile Boulard presenting how simulation can help highly skilled organisations improve. She draws from the findings of recent hospital studies and prior experience in the nuclear industry.

Abstract: Simulators are often used in environments where training is either high risk, very expensive, or a combination of both e.g. the aeronautics and space industries.

In contrast to teaching beginners with simulators, XRCE has been exploring how simulation can help a whole organisation improve and in particular those with highly qualified and even very experienced staff. Simulation provides the ideal opportunity to observe how people react in different situations. It can help them identify what they did and discuss as a group how they could have done it better. This kind of observation may even uncover good practices that do not abide by the rules causing the organisation to have a rethink about some of the processes they would never normally have put into question.