Caroline Brun

  • machine learning
  • natural language processing

Caroline Brun joined the Natural Language Processing group (previously Parsing & Semantics, Content-Analysis, MLTT at Xerox Research Centre Europe) in 1994 as a Ph.D. student in computational linguistics. She worked on coordination syntax for French within LFG, in collaboration with the Cristal-Gresec laboratory of the University of Grenoble. Her work was supported by a cifre grant. She defended her Phd at the end of November 1998.

She was working as a postdoc on lexical semantic disambiguation within the LSD team from November 1998 to May 2001, and on multilingual document authoring, within the DCM team from May 2001 to August 2003.
She is now working in the Natural Language Processing group. Her main interests include shallow and deep parsing techniques, named entity recognition and semantics.


+33 (0)4 76 61 50 51