Caroline Privault

  • machine learning
  • industry expert
  • natural language processing
  • software development

Caroline Privault is a senior project leader in the Advanced Development Lab where she applies her expertise in linguistics and machine learning to develop easy to use systems that make accessing and searching large collections of data simple and easy. 

She enjoys her role as a research scientist leading teams because it is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between many scientific disciplines.

Her team is comprised of researchers skilled in natural language, textual classification and linguistics who work side by side with smart user and multi-touch interface experts, ethnographers and social scientists.

Privault enjoys applying her scientific expertise in news ways. For example, she finds it exciting to work “closer to the user,” developing systems that put the power of complex machine learning algorithms to work in the hands of non-technical people. The work is especially rewarding when the result allows tasks to be accomplished in hours rather than weeks.

Privault joined in 1998, and holds a Master of Science degree in applied mathematics from the University of Orleans in France and a doctorate in operations research from the University Joseph Fourier and INPG institute of Grenoble. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the LETI laboratory for the French Commission for Atomic Energy and  lectures at a number of universities and engineering schools.