Jean-Michel Renders

  • machine learning
  • natural language processing


I joined as a Research Scientist in 2001. My main research domain focuses in exploiting unstructured data (text, speech, images, …) from multiple, heterogeneous sources (social media, corporate datawarehouses, knowledge bases, transactional databases, speech transcripts or signals from business conversations, …) in order to separate useful signals from noise in a large variety of applications, often with real-time and scalability constraints. Applications of this research are numerous, from Customer Intelligence (loyalty & satisfaction, target marketing,…) to Litigation Services

Projects cover various technical domains including document categorization and filtering, information extraction, cross-lingual text mining, e-discovery, social network analysis, privacy-preserving computing, social media mining and multi-media mining.

Research spectrum goes from more explorative and academic level (especially with European projects) to market-driven research, with industrial objectives of building solid patent landscapes and intellectual property strategies.

Before joining what is now NAVER LABS Europe, I initiated my academic career with a PhD in Machine Learning (whose topic was the hybridisation of neural networks and evolutionary strategies for time-series forecasting and process control). I then spent about 10 years, first as an employee then as a consultant, solving real-world, complex problems in the industry (mainly utilities and banks) with data mining and artificial intelligence methods. 

I have a PhD in Applied Sciences from the University of Brussels.


Publications since october 2001 are (almost all) available here.

+33 (0)4 76 61 50 02