Martin Humenberger

  • computer vision
  • 3D vision
  • camera pose estimation
  • mapping
  • robotics
  • artificial intelligence

I earned my Master's degree in computer engineering at the Upper Austrian University of Applied Science Hagenberg in 2004 and finished my Ph.D. studies in electrical engineering at Vienna University of Technology in 2011 with distinction. In 2013, I spent a year at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as Caltech Postdoc. Until November 2017, I was Senior Scientist with AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. I joined the computer vision team of NAVER LABS Europe in December 2017. My research interests are monocular as well as multi-camera vision, 3D vision, camera motion estimation, visual localization and mapping, mobile robotics, and machine learning. I am the author of several publications in these fields and organizer of related events.