Michael Niemaz

  • software development
  • Technology Transfer
  • transportation
  • analytics
  • smart cities
  • social media
  • urban mobility
  • visualisation
  • open data
  • big data

Mike Niemaz is a Project Leader member of the Data Intelligence Group (DIG) in the Advanced Development Lab (ADL).

Mike holds a B.Eng. honours degree in Electronic science from Napier University (Edinburgh, UK) and a Masters degree in Computer sciences from ESSI University (Sophia Antipolis, France).

He has worked on many different technology transfer projects since 1997 related to information extraction, document and data analytics, social networks and big data developments.

He is currently working on the Trip Planner and the Mobility Analytics Platform projects which aims to help public transport companies  better understand their users and therefore take appropriate actions to improve their services.

+33 4 76 61 50 30