Nikolaos Lagos

  • knowledge representation
  • knowledge bases
  • artificial intelligence
  • data and process modeling
  • natural language processing
  • semantic web

Senior research scientist, Data and Process Management group. My research interests lie in knowledge representation and reasoning especially based on Semantic Web technologies, data management for semi-structured data, and flexible data integration methods. In the past few years I have focused on developing methods and software for improving the quality, interpretability and pertinence of heterogeneous, variable and dynamic data.

I am co-investigator in the FP7 PERICLES project. I have also coordinated the GALATEAS EU project and participated as an investigator in a number of European and industrial research projects related to data management, digital preservation and natural language processing.

Prior to 2008, I was a postdoc researcher at Cardiff University where I worked on representing e-learning metadata and extended the Moodle e-learning platform with corresponding ontologies. I completed my PhD in Knowledge Based Systems at Cardiff University. 

I have co-authored over 30 papers, two of which have earned best paper awards, and 10 patents and patent applications.

Publications: ResearchGate

Patents: EPO