Patrick Mazeau

Patrick Mazeau, Manager Customer Led Innovation
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Business Relations and Marketing Manager

Prior to the creation of NAVER LABS Europe, Patrick Mazeau was in charge of the “Customer Led Innovation” program, an initiative with the goal of accelerating the pace of bringing disruptive technologies to the marketplace. The Customer Led Innovation team was distributed across the USA (Rochester and Palo Alto), Canada (Toronto), India (Bangalore) and France (Grenoble), giving many opportunities for innovators to “dream with customers”. Future products and services were the main topics discussed in “dreaming sessions”. Mazeau has extensive experience of how technologies can make a difference to our lives.

Mazeau started as a software developer in 1989, moving to technical coordination and project management for the French navy. After working in the telecom industry in network management, he joined Xerox in 1996 and the newly created Technology Showroom. He has also managed a research project on digital libraries and was part of the Software Engineering Process Group, launched in 1997 to enhance software quality based on the Carnegie-Mellon Capability Maturity Model.

Mazeau holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (France) and an MBA in Marketing from the Lyon Business School (France).

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