6 chemin de Maupertuis
38240 Meylan
Tel: +33 (0)4 76 61 50 50

By car

Local map

From Geneva Cointrin airport  (1 hour 31 min)

From Lyon Saint Exupery airport  (1 hour 8 min)

From Grenoble airport (44 min)

From Grenoble train station  (20 min)

             Chauffeured cars services "SaintAir" (limo needs to be reserved in advance, special Naver rates. Individual and shared car service)

             Chauffeured cars services "Alpes Luxury Cars" (VIP, individual limo, no gathering of passengers)

By train

For general information about trains and schedules, visit the official French railway site: SNCF.

Main TGV (High Speed Train) to Grenoble

  • From Lyon to Grenoble: 1h00
  • From Paris to Grenoble: 3h00
  • From Lille to Grenoble: 4h45
  • From Turin (Italy) to Grenoble: 2h30

By bus

  • 6020 (Grenoble - Meylan - Crolles) - bus stop "Les Jaillieres" (+ 5min walk down the street 'Allee de la Praly'  towards the chateau)
  • C1 ( Grenoble - Meylan) - bus stop  "Maupertuis" (+ 5 min walk up  Chemin de Maupertuis)