Here's the schedule of Naver Labs at CVPR 2017. 

Saturday July 22nd July EXPO SPOTLIGHT: 1120 - 1130 with Florent Perronnin 

Saturday July 22nd to Tuesday July 25th  NAVER LINE EXPO BOOTH

NAVER LABS will be on Booth 505 - We'll be demonstrating all the technologies presented in the papers below! Come meet the researchers and learn more about Ambient Intelligence at NAVER LABS. 

Saturday July 22nd 1330 – 1500

Spotlight 1- 2B: Analyzing Humans - 1 [Kalakaua Ballroom A-B]

(1338) LCR-Net: Localization-Classification-Regression for Human PoseGrégory Rogez, Philippe Weinzaepfel, Cordelia Schmid

Sunday July 23rd 0830

 Spotlight S2-1A: Machine Learning II. See also Poster Session P2-1. [Kamehameha III]

[1] Dual Attention Networks for Multimodal Reasoning and Matching, Hyeonseob Nam, Jung-Woo Ha, Jeonghee Kim

Sunday July 23rd 1000 – 1200

Poster 2-1: Low and Mid-Level Vision

(75) AnchorNet: A Weakly Supervised Network to Learn Geometry-Sensitive Features for Semantic MatchingDavid Novotny, Diane Larlus, Andrea Vedaldi

Poster 2-1: Analyzing Humans in Images

(47) Procedural Generation of Videos to Train Deep Action Recognition NetworksCésar Roberto de Souza, Adrien Gaidon, Yohann Cabon, Antonio Manuel López

Monday July 24th 1000-1200

Poster 3-1: Object Recognition and Scene Understanding

(105) Beyond Instance-Level Image Retrieval: Leveraging Captions to Learn a Global Visual Representation for Semantic RetrievalAlbert Gordo, Diane Larlus

Demonstration 1000 - 1200 [Kamehameha I]: Procedural Human Action Videos, Cesar de Souza, Yohann Cabon, Adrien Gaidon, Antonio M. Lopez

Wednesday 26th July,

Women in Computer Vision workshop

2.30pm – 2.50pm Keynote by Naila Murray

5.05pm – 5.35pm:  Panel session

Chieko Asakawa (IBM Research), Andrea Frome (Clarifai), Raia Hadsell (DeepMind), Naila Murray (NaverLabsEurope)Cordelia Schmid (INRIA), Helge Seetzen (TandemLaunch)

AND ***Diane Larlus is also a 'CVPR 2017 Outstanding Reviewer'! ***