New book Domain Adaptation in Computer Vision Applications, edited by Gabriela Csurka, NAVER LABS Europe

Authored or co-authored by NAVER LABS Europe computer scientists are:

  • A Comprehensive Survey on Domain Adaptation for Visual Applications, Gabriela Csurka, PP. 1-35
  •  "What to Do When the Access to the Source Data Is Constrained? " by Gabriela Csurka, Boris Chidlovskii and Stéphane Clinchant, pp. 133-149
  • "Unsupervised Fisher Vector Adaptation for Re-identification" by Usman Tariq, Jose A. Rodriguez-Serrano and Florent Perronnin, pp. 213-225
  •  Generalizing Semantic Part Detectors Across Domains, David Novotny1Diane Larlus and Andreas Vedaldi1.  pp.259-273