8 January 2019 – 11 January 2019

NAVER and NAVER LABS booth at CES:
Tech East, LVCC, Central Plaza – CP 14

CES is the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. 
NAVER LABS is showing ambient intelligence that strives to bring cutting-edge technologies into everyday life. With a deep understanding of life and ambient intelligence technology, we’re working towards creating a world where people can focus on what’s important to them without having to constantly learn new tools to do so. 

Come and meet NAVER LABS Europe team members at the NAVER / NAVER LABS booth: Michel GastaldoIrene Maxwell and Patrick Mazeau.

CES Innovation Awards
NAVER LABS awarded four products:

  • R1, Mobile Mapping System (Vehicle intelligence and self-driving technology)
  • AWAY, In-vehicle Infotainment Platform (In-vehicle audio/video)
  • AHEAD, 3D AR HUD (In-vehicle audio/video)
  • AMBIDEX, Robot Arm with Innovative Cab
    le-Driven Mechanisms (Robotics and drones)separator


The Korea Herald: [CES 2019] Korean internet giant Naver debuts AI, robotics technology for first time on global stage