Inria and NAVER LABS Europe are co-organizing the PAISS Summer School in AI in Grenoble, France.  NAVER LABS is providing financial support for a number of students and hosting the Gala Dinner on Thursday, July 5th. 

PAISS 2018 is a new event in artificial intelligence. It's the revival of a past series of successful summer schools, which alternatively took place in Grenoble and Paris (last edition was 2013). While originally focusing on computer vision, the PAISS summer school now targets a broader AI audience. There will be approximately 200 attendees.

Distinguished speakers at the event which will be held from Monday 2nd July until lunchtime on Friday 6th July in Grenoble

Lourdes Agapito (UCL)
Kyunghyun Cho (NYU)
- Emmanuel Dupoux (EHESS)
- Martial Hebert (CMU)
- Diane Larlus (NAVER LABS)
Hugo Larochelle (Google Brain)
Yann LeCun (Facebook/NYU)
Julien Mairal (INRIA)
Julien Perez (NAVER LABS)
Jean Ponce (INRIA)
- Cordelia Schmid (INRIA)
- Andrew Zisserman (Oxford/Google DeepMind).

Applications should be made online. There are opportunities for grants for some students. Deadline is 4th April 2018

The AI Summer School is co-organized by Inria and NAVER LABS Europe—two leading AI research organizations.