NAVER LABS Europe undertakes high-quality scientifically-based consultancy, research and software development for industry and governments around the world in many sectors.

In today’s world, solving complex problems requires diverse points of views and multiple competencies which cannot always be found in house. Partners in research and Open Innovation are a necessity to succeed.

We operate over three core principles which we believe are fundamental to innovate successfully. 

  • An in-depth understanding of user needs leveraging ethnography and our Innovation studio
  • Scientific and technology expertise of award-winning scientists and engineers
  • Joint work with multiple organisations to define the right business model. 

NAVER LABS Europe proposes different types of partnerships in research responding to a wide range of needs.

XRCE Innovation Studio image

An initial engagement to identify customer needs and pain points, in the context of strategic imperatives with Dreaming Sessions in our Innovation Studio

Engage NAVER LABS Europe in a European Union or Government funded collaborative project.  

NAVER LABS Europe employees have both a prestigious academic background and a “doer” mind-set. We apply our knowledge to solve practical problems. With more than 20 nationalities on site and significant experience in managing complex and multicultural projects, we can operate globally.

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