Visual content is everywhere, video, photographs, media assets, scanned document images, and so on. Our vision research provides enabling technologies to give the gift of sight to automated processes. Combined with textual information from the images themselves (e.g. OCR, natural text) or external sources (web pages, internal database records) our research deals with all types of interaction where visual content is one component.

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We have several lines of research including some of the areas of focus listed below. Our research combines skills in machine learning, pattern recognition and computer vision. Our research is often pursued in collaboration with external partners from industry, government and academia.

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Applications and Projects

Our research feeds into both current business process and blue-sky future disruptive technologies. We interface across the range of domains within Xerox from Smarter Document Management Technologies and processes, healthcare applications or the Transportation Solutions group as some examples. We also provide technologies for clients of Xerox who have specific needs for a visual based solution.
 We participate heavily in open innovation (OI) projects, and have several current and past OI projects including PhD studentships and grant-based projects funded by ANR or the EU. As an example of the range of topics we research in both internal and OI projects, past work has included a navigation system for visual search based on implicit feedback from the eye-movements of a user; analysis, classification and organization of multilingual rich-content documents; handwritten word-spotting, hybrid classification of scanned and OCR'd documents, automatic image enhancement, and many more!

Demos Available

Some of the work of the group can be tried out on the imaging services part of Open Xerox. Directly connected to some current research streams are: