Station F is the world’s largest startup campus where NAVER LINE is one of the biggest partners with 80 seats. NAVER LABS Europe scientist regularly give seminars that are filmed for the public. Please find below recent talks.

Deep Learning Paris Meetup #14 at Station F, 26th September 2018 co-organized by Heuritech and Microsoft:

Julien Perez: Machine Reading
Abstract: The field of Machine Reading has recently emerged as a possible continuation of the tasks of Natural Language Processing. Given a large set of passages of text associated with questions and answers, our goal consists in learning a question answering system solely from these examples. As the research groups dedicated to Machine Reading around the globe have started to produce encouraging results, this task challenges our current understanding of deep learning and machine comprehension. In this talk, we will go through some of the current models and learning protocols associated with this task. After describing the current datasets of the domain, we will introduce ReviewQA, a dataset of relational reasoning for review understanding. Finally, we will discuss other possible applications of such an approach like dialog understanding and fact news detection. Open research directions and future investigations, as unsupervised common-sense acquisition and differential reasoning, will conclude the talk.

28th November 2017

Matthias Gallé: Conversational Robots 

5th December 2017:

Julien Perez: “Reasoning, attention & memory”

8th January 2018

Diane Larlus: “Visual Search in Large Image Collections”

4th April 2018:  

Naila Murray: "Predicting aesthetic appreciation of images"