We are pursuing several lines of research in Process Intelligence that center on facilitating the understanding and long-term governance of processes, from design to execution. We bring together domain-specific modeling, runtime monitoring and enterprise integration in order to create innovative approaches for business agility and process intelligence that seamlessly integrate with a variety of BPM industrial platforms.

Organizations and businesses around the world create, run and manage processes on a daily basis. They can range in complexity from simple credit-card purchases on shopping websites to long-running healthcare or financial procedures that need to follow ever-changing regulations. Sometimes processes are explicitly defined, executed and monitored using information technology support provided by Business Process Management Suites. In many cases processes are implicitly known by the various actors involved in them and executed using a variety of disparate tools and technologies complementing human know-how.

We are open to collaboration with industrial and academic partners through EU funding schemes and we pursue an open-source strategy with a particular focus on technologies from the Eclipse ecosystem.

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