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LABS publications (Korean website, publications in English)

Évaluation multi-critères d’ensembles d’itinéraires multi-modaux
Luis Ulloa, Van-Dat Cung, Marie-Laure Espinouse, Lizhi Wang, Vassilissa Lehoux

ROADEF 2017, Metz, France, 22 - 24 February 2017

Trip Planning Within a Multimodal Urban Mobility
Luis Ulloa, Vassilissa Lehoux, Frédéric Roulland

Special Issue of IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 12 (2), pp. 87-92

PoTion: Pose Motion Representation for Action Recognition
Vasileios Choutas, Philippe Weinzaepfel, Jerome Revaud, Cordelia Schmid

CVPR, Salt Lake City, US, 18 - 22 June 2018

LCR-Net++: Multi-person 2D and 3D Pose Detection in Natural Images
Gregory Rogez, Philippe Weinzaepfel, Cordelia Schmid

Mining Smart Card Data for Travellers’ Mini Activities
Boris Chidlovskii

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems

Self-supervised Learning of Geometrically Stable Features Through Probabilistic Introspection
David Novotny, Samuel Albanie, Diane Larlus, Andrea Vedaldi

CVPR 2018, Salt Lake City, USA, 18 - 22 June 2018

Active Search for High Recall: a Non-Stationary Extension of Thompson Sampling
Jean-Michel Renders

ECIR, Grenoble, France, 26 - 29 March 2018