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Steps Toward Automatic Understanding of the Function of Affective Language in Support Groups
Amit Navindgi, Caroline Brun, Cécile Boulard, Scott Nowson

NLP for Social Media, Austin, USA, November 1, 2016.

XRCE: Feedbacked Ensemble Modeling on Syntactico-Semantic Knowledge for Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis
Caroline Brun, Julien Perez, Claude Roux

NAACL HLT, San Diego, USA, June 16-17, 2016

Identifying User Issues and Request Types in Forum Question Posts Based on Discourse Analysis
Agnes Sandor, Nikolaos Lagos, Vo Ngoc-Phuoc-An, Caroline Brun

WWW Conference, Montréal, Canada, April 11-15, 2016.

Motivating Personality-aware Machine Translation
Caroline Brun, Shachar Mirkin, Scott Nowson, Julien Perez

EMNLP, Lisboa, Portugal, September 17-21, 2015.

XRCE Personal Language Analytics Engine for Multilingual Author Profiling Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2015
Caroline Brun, Shachar Mirkin, Scott Nowson, Julien Perez, Claude Roux

CLEF 2015 Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, 8-11 September, Toulouse, France

NLP-based Feature Extraction for Automated Tweet Classification
Anna Stavrianou, Caroline Brun, Tomi Silander, Claude Roux

ECML/PKDD, Nancy, France, 15-19 September 2014

XRCE: Hybrid Classification for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
Caroline Brun, Diana Popa

SemEval, Dublin, Ireland, August 23-24, 2014

Décomposition des hash tag pour l amélioration de la classification en polarité des tweets
Caroline Brun, Claude Roux

TALN RECITAL, Marseille, France, 1-4 July, 2014.

Part of Speech Tagging for French Social Media Data
Farhad Nooralahzadeh, Caroline Brun, Claude Roux

Coling, Dublin, Ireland, August 23-29, 2014.