Allan MacLean, Young, Pip Laurenson, Tom Moran
Proc. ESPRIT '91, 25-29 Nov 1991, Brussels, Belgium, pp 720-730.
This paper reports work being carried out under the AMODEUS project (BRA3066). The goal of the project is to
develop interdisciplinary approaches to studying human-computer interaction and to move towards applying the
results to the practicalities of design. This paper describes one of the approaches the project is taking to
represent design - Design Space Analysis. One of its goals is to help us bridge from relatively theoretical
concerns to the practicalities of design. Design Space Analysis is a central component of a framework for
representing the design rationale for designed artifacts. A Design Space Analysis is represented using the
'QOC' notation, which consists of 'Questions' identifying key design issues, 'Options' providing possible
answers to the Questions, and 'Criteria' for assessing and comparing the Options. In this paper we give an
overview of our approach, some examples of the research issues we are currently tackling, and an illustration
of its role in helping to integrate the work of some of our project partners with design considerations.
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