Dave Snowdon, Antonietta Grasso, Frederique Segond
Workshop on Arcadian Virtuality, i3 Spring Days, Sitges, Spain, March 1999.
The theme of exploration is central to this paper. Not of a garden, per se, but of information spaces, other
cultures and other languages. in the following sections we shall describe three different pieces of that all use
exploration as a means for conveying information rather than focussed searches for specific information.
Firstly, we shall talk about collaborative information visualisation in which people are considered as being part
of the environment rather than observers of it and in which their actions are in principle as informative as the
information being displayed. Secondly, we describe a system that attempts to bridge the culture gap between
tourists and the inhabitants of the cities they visit. Thirdly, we describe some technology that could be
employed by the first two examples to aid comprehension and learning of foreign languages by a process of
exploration while using a foreign language. Finally, we shall attempt to show how these pieces of work could
be combined to provide a multi-cultural garden of information.
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