Mike Flynn, David Pendlebury, Chris Jones, Marge Eldridge, Mik Lamming
The Satchel system architecture: Mobile access to documents and services. Mike Flynn, David Pendlebury, Chris Jones, Marge Eldridge, Mik Lamming. Mobile Networks and Applications 5 (2000) 243-258.
Mobile professionals require access to documents and document-related services, such as printing, wherever
they may be. They may also wish to give documents to colleagues electronically, as easily as with paper,
face-to-face, and with similiar security characteristics. The Satchel system provides such capabilities in the
form of a mobile browser, implemented on a device that professional people would be likely to carry anyway,
such as a pager or mobile phone. Printing may be performed on any Satchel enabled printer, or any fax
machine. Scanning, too, may be accomlished at any Satchel-enabled scanner. Access rights to individual
documents may be safely distributed, without regard to document formats. Access to document services is
greatly simplified by the use of context sensitivity. The system has been extensively tested and evaluated.
This paper describes the architecture of the Satchel system.
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