Nathalie Glance
Proc. AAAI-2000 Workshop on AI for Web Search, July 30, 2000, Austin, TX
This paper describes a new software agent, the community search assistant, which recommends related
searches to users of search engines. The community search assistant enables communities of users to
search in a collaborative fashion. All queries submitted by the community are stored in the form of a graph.
Links are made between queries that are found to be related. Users can peruse the network of related queries
in an ordered way: following a path from a first cousin, to a second cousin to a third cousin, etc. to a set of
search results. The first key idea behind the use of query graphs is that the determination of relatedness
depends on the documents returned by the queries, not on the actual terms in the queries themselves. The
second key idea is that the construction of the query graph transforms single user usage of information
networks (e.g. search) into collaborative usage: all users can tap into the knowledge base of queries submitted
by others.
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