Damian Arregui, Francois Pacull, Jutta Willamowski
Proceedings of CRIWG 2001, Darmstadt, Germany, September 6-8, 2001
Nowadays people have to deal with an increasing amount of information contained in electronic documents
available from numerous heterogeneous, widely distributed sources. Keeping up to date with recently published
material relevant to a particular topic has become a challenge in itself. The Yaka system aims at facilitating
this task by providing notification and delivery services. Yaka relies on a flexible definition of subjects through
intelligent wrapping of existing information sources. Users can subscribe to these subjects in order to be
notified whenever new relevant documents are published. Yaka augments document notification with document
meta-information obtained through a set of integrated linguistic services. From the notification message users
can directly request the document content. Yaka then delivers this content, automatically transformed into the
appropriate format, through a variety of delivery media. In this article, we describe the Yaka functionality, its
architecture and how we deployed it within Xerox.
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