William Newman, Alex Taylor, Chris Dance, Stuart Taylor
"Performance Targets, Models and Innovation in Interactive System Design." W.
Newman, A. Taylor, C. Dance, S. Taylor. Proceedings ACM/SIGCHI Designing
Interactive Systems, DIS 17-19 Aug 2000.
This paper presents an approach to designing interactive systems that enables
critical performance parameters to be identified and models of performance to
be constructed. The methods described are intended to enable designers to
improve the performance of systems, and the provision of performance targets is
expected to encourage innovation in design. An example is quoted in which
digital camera technology was applied to the support of authors using paper
source documents, to enable them to capture source text more rapidly and thus
increase their productivity, measured in terms of words per hour. A model of
the capture task was constructed, and was used to set a target time for
capturing short text segments. This target was presented to a design team, who
responded with an innovative interface incorporating autocompletion. A
prototype auto-completion tool demostrated that the performance target could be
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