Antonietta Grasso, Dave Snowdon, Michael Koch
"Digital Cities: Experiences, Technologies and Future Perspectives", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 2000
Community networks are community-oriented information and communication systems that are generally
patterned after the public library's model of free, inclusive service and commitment to universal access. To
serve the community network objectives it is therefore important to have easy and widespread information
access. In this paper we present the Campiello system that proposes both enhanced information services
and complementary user interfaces to better serve the community network objectives. Enhancement of the
services is obtained by introducing collaborative filtering functions to support easier navigation in the information
space of the community. To extend access to the community network, a paper-based interface is used, that
supports exchange of information with the network, from physical locations spread in town. A large screen
based interface is also used, which provides collective easy entry points to the most recent and relevant
community information.
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