Peter Tolmie, James Pycock, Tim Diggins, Allan MacLean, Alain Karsenty
Unremarkable Computing. P. Tolmie, J. Pycock, T.Diggins, A. Maclean, A. Karsenty. Proceedings of CHI 2002. Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 20-25, 2002.
In this paper, we seek to contribute to the Ubiquitous Computing agenda by focusing on one of its earliest, but
most difficult, design ambitions - making technology 'invisible in use'. We draw on field studies of domestic life
as this domain is becoming increasingly important for new technologies and challenges many of the
asumptions we take for granted in the design of technologies for the workplace. In particular, we analyse some
examples of domestic routines and identify a number of insights into what it means for the features of activities
to be 'unremarkable'. We conclude by using these insights to critique some of the current emphases in
Ubiquitous Computing research, and suggest how we might better understand the HCI issues of what will be
required to develop technologies that really are 'invisible in use'.
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