Caroline Hagege, Xavier Tannier
CICLing Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics, Haifa, Israel, February 17-23, 2008.
We present in this paper the work that has been developed at build a robust temporal text processor. The aim of this processor is to extract events described in texts and to link them, when possible, to a temporal anchor. Another goal is to be able to establish temporal ordering between the events expressed in texts. One of the originalities of this work is that the temporal processor is coupled with a syntactico-semantic analyzer. The temporal module takes then advantage of syntactic and semantic information extracted from text and at the same time, syntactic and semantic processing benefits from the temporal processing performed. As a result, analysis and managment of temporal information is combined with other kinds of syntactic and semantic information, making possible a more refined text understanding processor that takes into account the temporal dimension.
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