Jacki O'Neill
Presentation to Gartner Group - Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit, London UK, 3-4 September 2008
Web 2.0, like many technologies before it, promises much ? to transform marketing, communication and knowledge sharing whilst making your business more efficient and effective. However, whilst new technology can undoubtedly be employed to great effect, focusing solely on the technological solution rather than its embedded socio-technical environment, can result in costly disasters ? from disrupting service provision to complete systems failure. Dr O?Neill will present the case for grounding technological innovation firmly in the work practices of those who will use it. She will illustrate this with examples from studies of portals that present customer-facing content, including how the affordances of different portals ? web browser, kiosks, device-embedded, etc. lead to different modes of interaction. She will demonstrate how understanding the social can lead to innovation fitting with user and business needs.
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