Gabriela Csurka, Marco Bressan
GRAPP'09, International Conference on Graphics Theory and Applications. Lisboa, Portugal, 5-8 February 2009. <a href=></a>
We present a technique to generate some popular activity sheets from arbitrary images, in particular user photographs. We focus on activity sheets that are closely linked to coloring and shape completion. We first introduce a baseline approach based on color regions that works well for cartoon-like images and uncluttered photographs. In more complex scenes, we show how this approach can be integrated with global textural cues for increasing the level of details that can convey semantic information. A final local stage takes advantage of object recognition and scene classification techniques for selective detailing in the foreground background regions. Though the resulting approach can be deployed in a fully automatic fashion, interactivity can be a desirable feature since it allows to account for errors and, more important, increase the level of personalization. We propose three levels of interactivity, depending on the user skills. For all steps of our system and addressed
activity sheets we show representative results.
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