Luca Marchesotti, Gabriela Csurka, Craig Saunders, Sandra Skaff
ICVGIP (Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing), December 12-15, 2010, Chennai, India
In this paper, we tackle the problem of associating combinations of colors to abstract categories (e.g. capricious,classic, cool, delicate, etc.). It is evident that such concepts would be difficult to distinguish using single colors, therefore we consider combinations of colors or color palettes. We
leverage two novel databases for color palettes and we learn categorization models using low and high level descriptors. Preliminary results show that Fisher representation based on GMMs is the most rewarding strategy in terms of classification performance over a baseline model. We also suggest a process for cleaning weakly annotated data, whilst preserving the visual coherence of categories. Finally, we demonstrate how learning abstract categories on color palettes can be used in the application of color transfer, personalization
and image re-ranking.
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