Boris Chidlovskii, Aymen Benzarti
International ACM Conference on DocEng,Mountain View, California, USA, September 19-22 September, 2011.
We address the problem of tag recommendation for media objects,
like images, videos, etc in social media sharing systems. We pro
pose a framework that I) extracts both object features and the social
context and 2) uses them to learn recommendation rules. The so
cial context is described by different types of information, such as
a user s personal objects, the objects of a user s social contacts, the
importance of the user in the social network, etc.
Both object features and the social context are first used to guide the
k-nearest neighbour method for the tag recommendation. We then
enhance the method by the local topology adjustment on how the
nearest neighbours are selected. We learn a local transformation of
the feature space surrounding a given object which pushes together
objects with the same tags and puts apart objects with different tags.
We show how to learn the Mahalanobis distance metric on multitag
objects and adopt it to the tag recommendation problems.
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