Jean-Marc Andreoli, Guillaume Bouchard
9th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Rome, Italy, 28-31 July, 2012.
We are interested here in the problem of optimising the energy consumption of a set of service offering devices.
Our target is a printing device infrastructure as typically found in a medium or large office, where all
the devices are connected to the network, and clients can submit jobs to individual devices through that network.
We formulate a cost optimisation problem to find a trade-off between the energy consumption of the
infrastructure and the cost of allocating jobs to devices. The latter cost results from the potential gap between
the expectation of the clients and the quality of the service delivered by the devices. We present a model of
some of the typical constraints occurring in such a system. We then present a method to solve the optimisation problem under these constraints, and conclude the paper with some experimental results.
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