Adrian Mos, Thierry Jacquin
Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference Workshops (EDOCW), Vancouver, Canada, 9-13 September, 2013. Full paper available on <a href= > IEEE Website </a>
This paper deals with the problem of efficiently
deploying business processes in service oriented environments
with the purpose of enhancing operational agility and improving
governance. Today’s solutions rely on early coupling between the
business process layer and the underlying service oriented
architecture layer and this constrains evolution in either of the
two layers to the ability of the other layer to adapt. The presented
approach leverages abstract architectural mappings that
indirectly connect business process activities with service-based
assets. It consists of a deployment mechanism that is capable of
taking these mappings and generating fully executable artifacts
for a variety of runtime platforms. The deployment mechanism is
encapsulated in a self-contained entity that is instantiated and
executed each time a business process needs to be deployed. This
entity contains all the necessary data for the deployment, while
ensuring complete accountability of operations. This approach
promotes late binding of processes to the underlying SOA and it
has the potential to significantly increase the speed of
implementing changes in business operations while ensuring
long-term sustainability. In addition it promotes independent
evolutions of processes and services while encouraging
incremental convergence of the SOA towards the needs of the business domain.
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