Duygu Simsek, Simon Buckingham Shum, Agnes Sandor, Anna de Liddo, Rebecca Ferguson
1st International Workshop on Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics, 8 Apr 2013, Leuven, Belgium
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A key competency that we seek to build in learners is a critical
mind, i.e. ability to engage with the ideas in the literature, and to
identify when significant claims are being made in articles. The
ability to decode such moves in texts is essential, as is the ability
to make such moves in one’s own writing. Computational
techniques for extracting them are becoming available, using
Natural Language Processing (NLP) tuned to recognize the
rhetorical signals that authors use when making a significant
scholarly move. After reviewing related NLP work, we
introduce the Xerox Incremental Parser (XIP), note previous
work to render its output, and then motivate the design of the
XIP Dashboard, a set of visual analytics modules built on XIP
output, using the LAK/EDM open dataset as a test corpus. We
report preliminary user reactions to a paper prototype of such a
novel dashboard, describe the visualizations implemented to
date, and present user scenarios for learners, educators and
researchers. We conclude with a summary of ongoing design
refinements, potential platform integrations, and questions that need to be investigated through end-user evaluations.
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