Shachar Mirkin, Sriram Venkatapathy, Marc Dymetman, Ioan Calapodescu
ACL 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria, 4-9 August, 2013.
The quality of automatic translation is affected
by many factors. One is the divergence
between the specific source and target
languages. Another lies in the source
text itself, as some texts are more complex
than others. One way to handle such
texts is to modify them prior to translation.
Yet, an important factor that is often
overlooked is the source translatability
with respect to the specific translation
system and the specific model that are being
used. In this paper we present an interactive
system where source modifications
are induced by confidence estimates
that are derived from the translation model
in use. Modifications are automatically
generated and proposed for the user’s approval.
Such a system can reduce postediting
effort, replacing it by cost-effective
pre-editing that can be done by monolinguals.
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