Nikolaos Lagos, Adrian Mos, Jean-Yves Vion-Dury, Jean-Pierre Chanod
BIS 2015, 18th International Conference on Business Information Systems, Poznan, Poland, 24-26 June, 2015.
Large organizations today face a growing challenge of managing het-erogeneous process collections containing business processes. Explicit seman-tics inherent to domain-specific models can help alleviate some of the manage-ment challenges. Starting with concept definitions, designers can create domain specific processes and eventually generate industry-standard BPMN for use in BPMS solutions. However, any of these artefacts (concepts, domain processes and BPMN) can be modified by various stakeholders and changes done by one person may influence models used by others. There is therefore a need for tool support to aid in keeping track of changes done and their impacts on different stakeholders. In this paper we present an approach towards providing such sup-port based on a semantic layer that records the provenance of the information and accordingly propagates impacts of changes to related resources, and illus-trate the applicability of the approach via an illustrative example.
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