Matthieu Mazzega, Jutta Willamowski, Yves Hoppenot, Antonietta Grasso
COOP, Trento, Italy, May 23-27, 2016.
In this paper we present a pilot study of the Print Awareness Tool (PAT). We initially designed PAT as an eco-feedback tool for paper waste reduction, but in our pilot study, it proved additionally even more valuable as an organizational probe providing the opportunity to question organizational paper-based workflows in general. Our findings illustrate that this is particularly true for administrative work where individuals have little agency, i.e. control over the printing tasks and processes they are involved in. We saw, however, that to capitalize on this effect, and to gather and benefit from the knowledge coming to the surface, the tool has to be enriched and managed accordingly. In addition, our study also showed evidence of paper affordances for administrative work that go beyond those discussed in the literature so far. From our findings we finally derive design requirements to digitally support such affordances and to extend PAT from a paper waste reduction tool into an infrastructure that would support organizations with a paper to digital transition.
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