Luis Ulloa, Vassilissa Lehoux-Lebacque, Frédéric Roulland
ITS European Congress, Glasgow, Scotland, June 6-9, 2016.
To address the current challenges of mobility in large urban areas, we wish to make practical the experience of multimodal travels, where a range of complementary transportation services are offered to an individual. Making multimodal travels is however still complex and the burden is let to the traveller. In this paper, we present our work for making the user experience of planning a trip in a multimodal mobility context simple and efficient. We recall the technical challenges and literature associated with such planning which must be truly multimodal, real-time and contextualized to the user preferences. We then describe the main features, differentiation and advantages of Xerox Trip Planner system, our solution for the computation of alternative multimodal trips. We also present a comparative study with data from the city of Adelaide, Australia that assesses the dynamic planning component of our solution with the other options available in this city.
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